Where are My Files?

Every programming assignment that you do in this class will requires you to turn in your project files. Visual Studio creates a myriad of files and folders for every project that it builds. Where do you find the files that you are supposed to turn in? Consider the following diagram. file locations

After creating your first program, open up the folder where you told Visual Studio to save your files. Using the drawing above as a guide, browse through the folders that Visual Studio creates and locate the executable file (the file with the .exe extension). You can execute your program by double clicking on this file.

I can't see any file extensions, what do I do?

By default, Microsoft turns off the ability for you to see some file extensions. This is a bother, and you need to fix it right away. To turn on file extensions, do the following: (1) Open the Windows Control Panel. You should see a list of options, select the one called "Folder Options".

(2) When you see the Folder Options panel, click on the tab at the tab marked View. You should see something like this:

folder options

Click on the box marked "Hide Extensions For Known File Types" to uncheck this box. It should appear as marked in the figure on the left. Now click on OK.

When you open any folders, you should now see all of the file extensions.