CIT-260 Lab 1: Introduction to NetBeans


This lab has several objectives:

  1. To help you download and install Java and NetBeans.
  2. To help you understand the basic elements of a Java Program.
  3. To teach you how to create, compile and execute a simple Java program.
  4. To demonstrate the use of good style elements when writing a Java program.

After completing this assignment, you should be able to create, compile, and execute a simple Java program on your own, using the tools described in this lab. You should have a thorough understanding of the basic elements of a Java program and demonstrate your mastery of them in programs that you write. Your programs should also demonstrate your understanding of the style guide provided as part of this lab.

Study Material

  1. Downloading and installing Java and NetBeans
  2. Creating, compiling and running Java programs
  3. Creating a Zip File
  4. Java Style Guide


  • The instructions for the assignment are here