Week of September 11, 2017

Topics for this week: Introduction to Programming

Activity checklist
  Familiarize yourself with the course content on I-Learn.
  Post your first message on the discussion board.
  Review the slides Introduction to Programming
  Complete lab #1. It is due before 11:59pm on 9/14.

It is expected that you will meet the objectives outlined here by the end of the week. You might want to test yourself to see how well you fare. You can be guaranteed that you will be tested on these concepts on your first exam. By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

Reading assignment
All reading should be done before you come to class. Your ability to understand the material discussed in class will be greatly enhanced when you come to class prepared. Review the slides on "Introduction to Programming" - These slides outline the course and provide an introduction to Object Oriented Programming. You will walk through the steps involved in creating, compiling, and executing a program.



You should be sure that you understand these important concepts.

  1. An object is a software package that includes data and the methods that operate on that data. Data is usually declared as private, and methods are usually declared as public.
  2. There are a number of steps involved in creating a program:
    1. Creating the source code
    2. Compiling the program
    3. Loading the executable module into the computer
    4. Executing the program, instruction by instruction
Lab Assignment

This week you should complete lab one. This lab will get you started using NetBeans. Be sure to read all of the material provided with the lab before you complete the programming section of the assignment.

Be sure that your labs are correctly submitted to CI-Learn. Follow all of the rules on naming your labs, projects and source code files, and submitting your lab. Note that all assignments are due at 11:00pm on the due date. Don't wait until the last minute to work on your assignments - some of them will take several hours to complete.

Do you have questions on how to use NetBeans? Try posting your question to the forum.