Langdon's Gaming Page

This will be a page about some of my favorite video games and consoles to play them on

  1. Black ops 3

    This is avery interesting game to play. If you enjoy futuristic gameplay along with it being a first person shooter then boy will you enjoy this video game. This game takes skill and time to learn with the new movement compared to some of the other games it is something that you definitely need to get used to. There is blood but it is optional. It's definitely a very good game and me and many other players all enjoy it.

    Link to the official web site is here

  2. Rainbow 6 Seige

    Rainbow 6 is a very very good game. With it being another first person shooter it shows that you need skill and senses to play this game. This is another game that you get to use different people from around the world as special characters that have there own attributes to either help you defend or go on the attack. There are people that are apart of the Navy Seals, S.A.S, FBI Swat, Russia, and etc. This game is definitely one to recommend and one to enjoy .

    Link to the official website is here

  3. The Division

    The Division is a very skill based game that requires skill. Instead of a first person shooter this time it is a third person shooter giving you a better look around the area so you don't miss things that you feel like you miss. It's a game that I enjoy and gives you a chance to enjoy a different type of style shooter. There's main missions but there is also side quest to help you level up throughout the campaign to he;p you defeat your enemies. I would also definitely recommend this game to a lot of players with skill play and love.

    Link to the official website is here

  4. Mortal Kombat X

    Mortal Kombat has been around for a while now. Its been a series that has lasted along time and has some of the most original characters from the first game in it today. There are characters like Sub Zero, Scorpion, and many other characters even additional ones from movies like Predator, and Alien. This game does take a lot of skill and memorization of the controller. Theres a lot of button combos you have to remember so that you can defeat your enemy quicker it is a one vs. one matchup to see who can win the match quicker out of 2 rounds. It is bloody so I'd be careful around other kids but it definitely puts your skills to the test in this game. If you enjoy fighting then this is your game to play.

    Link to the official website is here